We are doing what Elon cannot. Creating the strong identity based philosophical cult around the idea of saving humanity. Shift culture, influence the influencers, change culture, change perception, change the thoughts of the human colossus, the output will change along with it. You will become more understood, and even more revered.
It’s probably important to think what the richest man is doing. He’s building the Ark, let’s stop the flood. He gave up hope on us, we don’t have to. Do you really think you or your kids will have a ticket on that ship? It sits 150 people.
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Elon Musk 8:35 to 11:15 and to 11:30
Saving Human Civilisation and Space X
50:15 to 59:28 risks to civilization and nueralink and great filter

3:19 to 3:26 Elon musk take the red pill AND the blue pill

How Should I live my life? With Love
We are here to experience and to learn.
Attention opens life up to new opportunities. With enough attention the universe will provide. The best stories come from big group efforts to make something great happen. Building an amazing story with others is like going on a quest together.
I prefer to hit the main quest.
Here, there are interesting opportunities from an interesting ecosystem. If it wasn’t unique it wouldn’t provide unique opportunities or elevate. There’s a reason the ones who think and act differently attain higher goals faster.
We are taking on the relentless Amazon Model.
However, one difference is with our employees. Right now people working for the ecosystem have no shared value or vision with what Amazon is building, Jeff is no leader having displayed none of his ideas about the universe and currently it seems what makes him tick is more control.
I mean many of the employees being worked hard, for manual labor, for minimum wage are happy with it. Your human experience is your human experience. Our culture just tends to want people who are aligned more strongly.
Jeff has no culture, no alignment from his employees. I mean what is there to align with? Jeff, unlike Elon, has not displayed his philosophy on the world and likely just sees it as a grab for power and control. If there's a villain, Jeff is on the list. He donates far less than Bill, and Elon.
On the other hand Elon is woke, he’s just not gone and formed his ideology into a brand. Potentially because public discourse would claim it a cult. Instead the cult is carried only within company walls. He has shareholders, and things to do, but we are here, we understand and he will undoubtedly support us when we are ready for it.
He’s building an Ark, but we recognize this, and together are going to STOP THE FLOOD.
2:27:23 | The philosophy of curiosity
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Decentralize the government enough to get Elon musk voted president
President plan
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